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Routine maintenance eliminates unpredictable support costs and company downtime while keeping your overall IT budget lean.


Survey and Support with TRANSON LLC may include:

Server/Network Management:

· Windows support and proactive maintenance 

· Monitor your systems and troubleshoot when alerts arise 

· Provide ongoing virus checks and event logs 

· Check and patch security holes 

· Verify backups 

· Retain backups offsite 

· Manage Modems, Routers, Switches, Hubs, Print Servers, Firewalls, & Security of network devices 

· Support E-Mail function and operation

· FTP support

· Wide area network services

· Set up and install new infrastructure and office systems

Desktop Support:

· Deploy updates to software

· Update virus definitions and service patches

· Perform desktop tunings

· Support third-party products

· Provide end-user technical support

· Upgrading of existing systems

· Repair damaged systems

· Data recovery

Security Management:

·  Proactive firewall maintenance and troubleshooting

·  Maintain logs of intrusion attempts

·  Monitor network activity files sharing, Internet Usage, & Data

·  WiFi security

·  New DSL or Cable internet access installations

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phone: (630) 580-9468

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