Cabinet Instructions


Here are some simple instructions for installing your own computer and monitor into an existing EMUCADE™ cabinet.



The top of each cabinet is hinged for easy access to the inside of the box.  Please note:  The hinged top of the cabinet may be heavy.  Be careful to fully support the top while working inside the cabinet.  The glass and mounting hardware add substantial additional weight to the wood top.  


Upon opening the cabinet you will find 4 major pieces of wood support.  The two side blocks are marked “s1” and “s2”.  These blocks will need to be adjusted up or down depending on the overall depth of your screen.  The cross rails act as a “bridge” to simply support your screen from the bottom when final adjustments are made.


   When all the final adjustments have been made.  Securely screw the blocking into the cabinet wall and the side rails into the support blocking “s1” and “s2”.   (Each person will need to determine the correct height and placement of the rails and blocks depending on the brand and size of their screen).




On the player one side of each cabinet a power button has been mounted for an additional owners option.  From the button switch is a red and white wire lead that would need to be directly wired to the owners computer if he or she wishes to turn the game cabinet on or off without reaching inside the cabinet.


Also on the inside of the cabinet is the I-PAC controller.  This controller will be used to control the sticks and buttons of your game cabinet.  Inserted into one of the two ports on the bottom of the I-PAC is a ps2 cable.  The other end of this cable will simply plug into the ps2 port on your PC.  The remaining port on the I-PAC may be used for a ps2 keyboard if you wish to continue to use a keyboard with your new game cabinet.


Finally, a lettered layout has also been included with your cabinet.  The layout shows the emulated keyboard letters each move or button creates.  Within your MAME software, you’ll need to verify the correct letters and button moves match the functions of each game you wish to set up.  ALL MAME games hold their own individual settings, so the action button for player one may be “r-ctrl” for one game and “l-ctrl” for another.  Each owner will need to adjust these per game.



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