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  What is an EMUCADE™ Custom Game Machine?

Relax and play a CD while you design :)An EMUCADE is a Custom Made Arcade Style Game Machine that allows for the traditional play of thousands of original Arcade and Console games through a PC based system or dedicated multi-board.  With many unique options available, our approach to design allows the game user to really enjoy an authentic game experience.  No gimmicks or clone titles.  No fakes.  Just the original games like you have always played them. 

The Machines are designed around the popular 1980s cocktail table tops and Stand-up arcades, with many custom modifications.  We have several options to help fit any game room environment or budget.  Just for example, we build the machine cabinets in solid OAK.  We add extra controls, and we include support for thousands of game titles.  Many collectors are choosing to sell their dedicated title machines and purchase an EMUCADE multi-game machine.

What is the EMUCADE difference?  (Custom Options & Colors)

We Don’t sell BLACK LAMINATE BOXES.  We are a custom Arcade Machine builder who believes in providing a unique game room solution, specifically tailored to your gaming environment.

We provide our customers a game room solution, not just a video game.  Custom built to your specifications and requirements.  We offer options and support not available from other Multi-game builders.  Product components are new.  We have faster and better CPUs than most builders.  We match stain finishes to your existing décor.  We offer lifetime support and phone conference support, not just email.  Our customers enjoy free membership to the “member” area of our web site. We warranty all products completely for 12 Months, and we offer the widest selection of control options and set up available!  See the following page for just some of the cabinet extras…SEE THIS PAGE TO QUICKLY COMPARE COCKTAIL GAMES

Other Helpful Questions to ask when buying an Arcade Machine.

Will the Game machine look good in my home?  Our Arcades are made of solid oak with a full stain and poly finish.  Made the same way fine furniture is manufactured.  You pick the color so it’s always a perfect match for your home.

How about materials?  Our cocktails are toped with ¼” solid glass, and Stand-up arcades are covered in 1/4 “ clear PLEXI.

Are the parts new?  We use Brand new HAPP Controls Joysticks and buttons, new I-PAC controls and all new JAMMA boards.  All components are out of the box NEW so they carry a full manufactures warranty.

Is it a versatile set up for all types of games and titles?  EMUCADE™ MAME cocktails come standard with 4 joysticks, 20 buttons, and a single trackball.  Our 3-sided design supports “head to head” play and “side by side” play.  EMUCADE™ has other custom cocktail options available as well.  The 4-sided cocktail is a killer set up for all arcade and console games including both a track-ball and spinner for must have games.  Stand-up arcades come standard with 2 player sticks and a centered trackball.  This makes for great two stick games and great side-by-side game-play

Does the company offer excellent technical support?  Our customers rave about our technical support.  After you receive your machine you have the option to set up a 1 hour training call at your home!  Not to mention the support pages in the members only area.  All machines come with a full warranty on all parts, and we stand by you for all questions!  We are simply the best in this area!

New options are always becoming available.  Take a look at the newest graphic underlay for cocktail arcades.  Contact Jordan if have questions about options available.


What other games, software, and stuff can I do?

See MAME.net for a full list of supported ARCADE game titles on the MAME platform - Like Pac man, Defender, Robotron, Q*bert, Donkey Kong, and Many, Many, Others!  Combined with other emulation software for console type games, this machine will now play thousands of Arcade and console titles.  Imagine the FUN! 

Other great emulation software tested on the machines:  Original NES, NES64, Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Intellivision, Coleco, Odyssey, and many more.  Emulation software is free domain.  All of our systems come with MAME emulation software, NES, Atari 2600, and Super NES installed and configured for best performance.  No illegal game ROMS are ever included with systems.

Plug into the web site with your free membership and enjoy internet radio while playing your games.  This extra really creates an authentic Arcade environment feel, listening to old school tunes while playing your favorite game!

Still have questions…Visit the FAQ PAGE or email the EMUCADE™ team.  All Game Machines come with the best TECHNICAL SUPPORT in the industry!

 What About Shipping?  See the Shipping Details Page for packaging Photos.

Shipping these cabinets usually runs $190.00 - $250.00 with a scheduled loading dock pick up.  We will call to see if a terminal is near you.  Picking up the machines at our location is acceptable when payment is made in advance.  Custom cabinets are subject to short build times.  Allow for adequate shipping and delivery time.  Skidding and wrapping may be slightly extra depending on final destination.  Residential drop off is also available for an extra charge.  Driver will never bring the machine into your home so have help when it arrives.

Email the office for accurate shipping quotes and options.  Include your full address and zip code.  Office Phone: 630-624-4750 (please email all part questions to Jordan).  Email: jordan@emucade.com

Payment address:  TRS Computers/EMUCADE™, PO box 87333, Carol Stream IL 60188-7333

Other Great Arcade Gaming Links.

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