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These Technical downloads and instructions are for support of the EMUCADE™ gaming products, cabinets, and games.  All the documents in this area are copy-write protected property of TRANSON Amusements LLC and

If you have an EMUCADE™ MAME cabinet without a computer, here are some examples and help on how to set it up with your own PC.  Click Here.

I-PAC programming software for windows Click Here.  Links for other versions HERE.

Original Video on setting up MAME buttons and sticks to match your cabinet.  Click Here.

48 in one JAMMA PCB manual in PDF format.  Download HERE.

A help video for adjusting HAPP joysticks so character moves are better and 8-way sticks track better on 4-way games.

A help video for new 3 and 4 sided MAME cocktail game owners.  This video has good examples of how to set up games for head-to-head play and make simple video adjustments.






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